Are you thinking of becoming a landlord?

Buy-to-let was previously thought of as a sound investment, but recent changes have made becoming a landlord a complex decision. With an uncertain property market and recent tax changes, it is crucial to

More landlords quit buy-to-let due to tax increases

According to experts, the shortage of housing in the buy-to-let sector could get worse, as more landlords decide to quit due to tax increases. During March 2017, each letting agent experienced an average of

Tax changes for buy-to-let investors

On April 6, a new law came into effect which will stop buy-to-let investors from offsetting their mortgage interest against profits. The new regulations will be

Purchasing a buy-to-let property

Becoming a landlord is a popular option for those with money to invest. To maximise the potential of being a landlord, choosing

The benefits of becoming a landlord

Investing in property may seem like an attractive proposition, especially as you receive money every month from tenants. However, there is far more to being a landlord, so it is crucial to