How can you find the right online training provider?

Much of working life and training has moved online over the past year, thanks to COVID-19, and it is likely that this will prove to be a lasting development – even when the vaccine rolls out. Therefore, many future mortgage advisors will complete their CeMAP courses virtually, and it is important to

Should you do your financial training online?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

If you are hoping to enter any part of the financial services sector, there will be qualifications you will need to secure before you can do so – for example, the CeMAP course that trains you to be a mortgage advisor. So, should you take the necessary training at a

What are the benefits of online financial training?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

Much of the training required to work in the financial services sector has moved online due to the pandemic – for example, the CeMAP course for trainee mortgage advisors. There are some obvious benefits to training in this way, such as greater

How should you prepare for an online CeMAP exam?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

With much financial training now being conducted online, you might think that sitting the exam to pass your CeMAP mortgage advisor course from home will be more comfortable and less daunting than attending an examination room. That can be true, but it is still an exam and you must avoid being too casual about it. […]

What should you be looking for from an online training provider?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

As the mortgage sector adapts to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government lockdown, we are set to see more virtual working. For the upcoming generation of advisors, even the CeMAP mortgage advisor training they need to become qualified is likely to be carried out online more often. So what should you be looking for from […]

Could doing your financial training online actually be better?

Covid-19 has moved much of corporate life into the virtual space, with everything from meetings to training now having to be conducted this way. That means if you are just starting to study for a career in financial services, for example CeMAP mortgage advisor training, you will have to do so online – but could […]

How to cope with common online training problems

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A lot of financial services training have gone digital at the moment, as the sector tries to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak. That means if you are taking a CeMAP mortgage advisor course, you will have to do so online. There can be

Tips for making the most of online financial training

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Online training courses are not new, but they are set to become more commonplace during the coronavirus crisis. Most of those hoping to be a mortgage advisor will need to get their CeMAP qualification online right now, but if you

Remote training and support provided by advisor networks

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Two networks for mortgage advisors in the UK have announced that they are providing new processes for remote training as well as support portals to assist their members throughout the current crisis. Stonebridge and Openwork are