Can we remortgage to fund an extension?

There may come a time when your existing property feels too small to house the family. Perhaps you need an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or another bathroom. Remortgaging to fund

Paper mortgage process viewed as outdated

According to a study conducted by GBG, specialists in identity data intelligence, UK consumers are facing barriers to getting on to the property ladder due to an outdated and old fashioned mortgage application process. The Mortgage Review, introduced in 2014, set out new, stricter procedures for

Digital approach to mortgage process introduced

It may soon be possible for home buyers to complete the entire mortgage process using an iPhone, as a new partnership has recently been announced. The money app, Revolut, and Trussle, an online mortgage broker, have announced that they will

How to apply for a mortgage

When you decide to buy a home, applying for a mortgage is one of the first parts of the process. This can also be relatively stressful, as lenders have varying lending criteria, and whether you can fulfil those requirements can determine whether your loan is approved or not. A lender will want to know