How has CeMAP changed for 2021?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, also known as CeMAP, is a qualification that is recognised by UK regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that those taking the course and passing it successfully will be granted a licence that enables them to deliver mortgage advice to UK customers as

What do CeMAP course changes mean for students?

Online CeMAP Training

While anyone planning to train as a mortgage advisor is likely to be aware that the multi-part CeMAP qualification is the one they need to get, they may not realise that it changes regularly. These changes to the basic syllabus occur at the start of a new academic year, in August, and this can have […]

What is covered on CeMAP 2 and 3 courses?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

To practise mortgage advice here in the UK, future brokers must have a sound knowledge of their subject and a certification that is recognised by regulatory bodies like the

The New CeMAP Syllabus

Every year the CeMAP syllabus changes and is updated to take into account all the law changes that evolve year on year. It is therefore important that you are made aware of these changes. Qualified mortgage advisers always have to keep themselves up to date with changes in the mortgage industry. How vital are these […]

Is CeMAP training at home for you?

In our recent article, we discussed the growing availability of CeMAP training at home and in the classroom and how demand in this area is expected to surge. This increase in demand makes it all the more important that you choose the best CeMAP training for you. Is CeMAP training at home for you? With […]

Does the course follow the syllabus?

When you are looking at CeMAP training, CeFA courses or studying for the CeRER exam, whatever the course may be, then it is important that you find a training company that is experienced in getting delegates through these exams. Every course should follow the syllabus and should have been put together with the latest syllabus […]

How often is the CeMAP training syllabus updated?

We wrote last week about ensuring that your CeMAP pass papers were up to date when preparing for CeMAP exam, as it’s important when undertaking your CeMAP training that you’re working off the most up to date source. There’s little advantage to working from out of date pass papers that were acquired from sources such […]

CeFA and CeMAP courses out of date on eBay

Buying CeFA or CeMAP courses on eBay may appear a cheap option, however they are often a waste of time and more importantly, often breaching copyright laws. Indeed, we have written about courses on eBay before. If a full time CeMAP or CeFA training course is out of the question for you then studying from […]

Passing the CeMAP exams

One of the common questions that we see from potential CeMAP delegates looking to become a mortgage advisor either through a full time CeMAP training course or even a distance learning home study course is what it actually takes to become a CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) qualified mortgage advisor and what is […]