FSA to tighten mortgage rules

The mortgage regulator for the UK, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is set to tighten the rules in the mortgages market following the abysmal financial crisis that has gripped the globe in the past twelve months.  It was inevitable that this should happen at some point in order to help prevent this sort of crisis […]

Adding council mortgages to CeMAP syllabus

Those who wish to become mortgage advisors need to take their CeMAP training first, and within the CeMAP syllabus delegates learn about all the different sources of mortgages available to those in the UK and the process of purchasing a property. The purchasing process is slightly different for those taking the

What happens when the CeMAP syllabus changes?

CeMAP delegates would be forgiven for thinking that the CeMAP syllabus would be likely to change in accordance with legislative updates, however, the syllabus actually changes on an academic basis and so it usually changes annually in September and this is when the CeMAP exams also change. The one exception to this was in 2006 […]

Mortgagee or mortgagor?

When you are preparing for your CeMAP exam, there is a lot of jargon you need to familiarise yourself with, particularly if you are not from a mortgage background.  Often, people who want to study for the CeMAP qualification themselves are wanting to show initiative in order to get into the financial services industry or […]

FSA Unveils New Mortgage Advisor Documents

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has issued new disclosure documents to replace the existing initial disclosure document (IDD) and menu documents that mortgage advisors use.  The FSA wants mortgage advisors to use the new documents from next month.  During your CeMAP training, you will learn about the use of these documents. Mortgage advisors can use […]

CeMAP Syllabus: CeMAP 1

As we have mentioned in earlier articles, there are two units in CeMAP 1: CeMAP 1 Unit 1: The Financial Services Environment & Products CeMAP 1 Unit 2: UK Financial Services Regulation Each of these units cover specific areas, which are listed below:

Beware Buying CeMAP Courses Or Revision Notes On eBay

When you are looking to become a mortgage advisor, you may consider buying old CeMAP course materials or CeMAP revision notes on eBay.  However, beware this could be a serious waste of money. The Institute of Financial Services (ifs) changes the CeMAP course syllabus on a bi-annual basis.  Therefore, if you are considering buying old […]