Will the recession affect Scotland more or less?

There have been two opposite points of view in response to this question debated in the media. One report, by the Ernst & Young ITEM Club, says it will fare better and another report, by the Fraser of Allander Institute, says otherwise. Whether this is true or not depends upon how you view the

Nicola Sturgeon calls for government help to Scottish housing industry

The Scottish government has called for Alistair Darling to offer more support for Scotland’s troubled housing industry ahead of the pre-Budget report which Darling will be releasing on Monday. Among the calls from Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister, are for cuts to VAT in order to assist the construction industry in Scotland. She also wants […]

CeMAP Training Scotland

If you are looking for CeMAP training in Scotland, then it can be slightly more difficult than for those searching for CeMAP training in England or Wales. The reason for this is that the CeMAP exam in Scotland has a slightly different CeMAP syllabus because the law in Scotland is different. This is why