CeFA Home Study – Online Courses

CeFA Study Online: Sometimes there are circumstances that mean you do not or cannot attend a full time CeFA training course. Perhaps you do not have the money or cannot take the time off work, so Beacon Financial Training provides a distance learning CeFA course for home study online.

The online training course covers CeFA 1, 2, 3 & 4 and, like our other successful home study online courses, it has been written by a former teacher and senior examiner, which means the training course is designed to simplify and explain all the necessary concepts and items on the CeFA syllabus to ensure you can gain the confidence to successfully learn online and pass the requirements for the CeFA exam.

Included in this home study online CeFA training course is a bank of approximately 1,500 past paper CeFA exam questions and answers so you can assess your knowledge as you progress through the units.

The course also includes exam tips and hints as well as guidance to assist you.

Most importantly, and what sets our CeFA home study online courses apart from others, is that this CeFA training course comes with both telephone and email support, so if you are really struggling with anything, you can contact an expert for guidance.

CeFA Online Study Course – Price & Support

Our all-inclusive training package covers CeFA 1, 2, 3 and 4 and our prices are inclusive of VAT. As described above, this covers twelve month’s access to the CeFA training materials, the bank of questions and answers, useful tips, guidance notes and the telephone and email support.

If you do really want to have some one to one tutorial support with a CeFA training expert and teaching professional in addition, then this is also available at an additional cost – please ask for details.

Your CeFA distance learning online course username and password is sent via email following payment. If you would like to book the CeFA home study online course or just want to ask a few questions, please email info@beaconfinancialtraining.co.uk.