CeMAP Home Study Distance Learning

Home Study / Distance Learning

At Beacon Financial Training, we also provide a Home Study or Distance Learning CeMAP Course. This is a great option for  for those who do not have the time or money to attend our classroom CeMAP course. Alternatively, some may enjoy more independence and freedom whilst they study and with the Distance Learning CeMAP you can start as soon as soon as now!

Our online Distance Learning Course covers CeMAP 1, 2 & 3 and has been written in a very clear and easy to follow format, which will explain and simplify the concepts you need to understand to pass your CeMAP exams. Included in the training package is a bank of around approximately 1000 previously used examination questions, plus answers for you to assess your progress in CeMAP.

This online study course comes complete with the option of full email and telephone support for an unlimited period if chosen so if you have a problem with the materials you can get in touch with an expert who will be able to help you. With the home study course for CeMAP you receive the following electronically via email which you can download onto your computer:

  • All the easy to use theory for CeMAP, with the key points highlighted
  • A mini-test combining previously used exam questions after each section to check understanding
  • Mock exam papers
  • A hard copy of the CeMAP materials in the post
  • Tutorial support (recommended option)

Like with the classroom CeMAP course, the exams are to be booked by registering with the examining body which is the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). This is a further cost but only needs to be paid when you are ready to take each exam. This cost is £175 per exam.There are no fixed exam dates, the exams can be sat when you are ready to take them.

If you would like to book the CeMAP Home Study course or you require further details please email us at info@beaconfinancialtraining.co.uk or Click here to view a sample of the CeMAP Home Study Course.