Finding A Good CeMAP Distance Learning Course

There is no reason why you should feel you have to go on a full-time, in-house training course in order to pass your exam. The CeMAP distance learning course has grown substantially in popularity in recent years thanks to the many benefits it brings, such as the flexibility to study how and where you want, the chance to study at your own pace and, of course, the lower cost implications.

However, deciding that you want to study the CeMAP via distance learning is one thing; knowing how to recognise and choose a quality CeMAP distance learning course is another.

Spotting A Quality CeMAP Distance Learning Course

To determine if you have found a good CeMAP distance learning course, be sure to speak to the company offering the course. Ask as many questions as you want to, after all, this is the company you will be relying on to help you through your CeMAP and they should be open to your questions. Take this opportunity to check on each of the below points:

Check how the course is presented. For example, to help people from all walks of life and backgrounds, the course should explain everything as though you have no prior knowledge.

The course should include mini tests for you to self-check your progress as you go along and be sure you’re ready for the exam before you take it. Ask how much tutorial support is available should you need it. Email support in most cases should be fine – but check how long the average response should take and ask whether telephone support is possible in extreme cases if you find yourself unsure of an email response.

Ask how often the course is updated. The syllabus for the CeMAP is updated twice a year and you must be sure you will receive updates when applicable.

With any distance learning course – and the CeMAP is no exception – self discipline is a must. If you be sure you will put in the time and effort, then a CeMAP distance learning course could be the right choice for you.