Here are a few tips to bear in mind when you are preparing for and taking your CeMAP exam:

  • Always read the question very carefully and read the answers even more carefully.  Often, the questions can be ambiguous
  • Be careful when you see the words ‘never’ and ‘must’.  These words do not allow for any discretion, so usually the correct answers contain ‘usually’ or ‘normally’
  • Try to use the process of elimination.  Often, the correct answer does not seem to be perfect, but it is the best fit
  • Get as much practice as you can with past paper questions and answers

On our CeMAP training courses, delegates practice with past paper exam questions for every section of the syllabus and get plenty of practice with the exams, with question and analysis to ensure delegates have the greatest chance of success.  There are many more tips given to ensure you pass.

Beacon holds CeMAP courses in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and many more locations across the UK.  We are also proud to be one of the rare CeMAP training providers who offer CeMAP courses in Scotland, which are specifically tailored for Scottish law.