CeMAP exams are much like any other exam you may have faced in your educational past. You need to revise for the CeMAP exam, you need to know your subject and most of all you need to be prepared for the CeMAP exam.

Revision can be difficult though, especially when you have the prospect of a daunting exam at the end of it. It’s best to organise your time properly and make sure that you don’t waste any precious revision time. Watching TV, reading magazines or chatting with your friends for hours isn’t going to help your revision, however doing it for a short spell of time will. Just like anything in life, you need to take breaks when revising for your CeMAP exam as your brain won’t be able to concentrate for hours at a time without regular breaks.

You’ll find that your concentration is much better when you take a break every 40 minutes to an hour.

The CeMAP exam explained

You’ll also find that by waking up earlier in the morning and revising straight away you’ll feel better and more confident about your exam prospects. There’s nothing worse that getting up late and realising that you’ve got a big day of revision ahead of you. Instead you could wake up before 7:00am and have 2 hours worth of revision completed before most people have started their working day.

The CeMAP exam is just like any other exam, but by planning your revision ahead you’ll find that you’re better prepared for the exam.

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