Each week, we’ll be giving you one or two tips to help you pass your CeMAP exam.  After all, once you’ve done the CeMAP training, you know your subject, but many people worry incessantly about the exam.  A lot of people suffer with exam nerves, and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.  Just get in there, take a deep breath and follow our top tips for CeMAP success:

  1. It sounds really obvious, but in the case of the CeMAP exam, you really do need to make sure you read the question.   Make sure you check whose shoes you should put yourself in.  In most cases, you’ll be looking from the point of view of the mortgage advisor, but sometimes you’ll be asked to consider the lender’s point of view or the valuer’s, so read the question carefully.
  2. In a similar way, be sure you read the answer.  Watch out for answers that are very similar.  If you see a word like ‘always’ or ‘never’ then re-read the question and answer carefully.  Words like these leave no room for doubt and in many cases, as highlighted in your CeMAP training, the correct answer will contain ‘usually’ or ‘generally’.
  3. If you have read the question and the answer carefully, and you still aren’t a hundred per cent sure, then mark the question and come back to it later.  When you eventually decide to tackle it, use the process of elimination and never leave a question unanswered.  It’s multiple choice, you stand a chance of getting it right.

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