Choosing a Good CeMAP Home Study Course

In this modern age, there’s no need to have to choose a full time training course to pass any exam. Over the last few years, the CeMAP home study course has become more and more popular due to the lower costs involved and the flexibility it offers.

Yet choosing the home study option and choosing a good CeMAP home study course are two different things, so here are our top tips to recognising and selecting a good course.

Recognising A Good CeMAP Home Study Course

Before you sign up to some faceless course provider, speak to a company representative. Ask all the questions you like – remember this is the firm you’re relying on to help you qualify so they should answer any questions openly. Check each of the below important factors:

How is the course presented? Is it suitable for people with any background or just for those with prior knowledge? Is any pre-course study required? The best courses will treat you as though you have done no study and have no prior experience.

How are you able to monitor your progress? Ideally, there should be questions as you go along so you can self-check. Otherwise, how will you know when you’re ready for the exam or which points are your weak spots for last minute revision?

Is there some tutorial support if you need it? It’s an unusual person who sails through everything, so if you find yourself struggling with a point, what can the company do?

Importantly, when is the course updated and will you have access to this update? The CeMAP syllabus is updated twice yearly. With a CeMAP home study course, you learn at your own pace so this may mean you need an update.

Self discipline is important on any home study course so if you know you can commit to the effort and time needed, then the CeMAP home study course could be just what you need.