Big Success Rates for CeMAP at Home Study Courses

CeMAP home study courses are an opportunity to study without committing to a full time course. As home study continues to become more popular, more providers enter the marketplace. There are a few important points to look for in good home study courses, but a common question a potential student may ask is what is the pass rate or success rate? Here are a few points to consider when you hear the answer:

Pass Rates of CeMAP Home Study Courses versus The Full Time Course

Firstly, the pass rate for a full time course is usually higher and there are statistical reasons for this. Delegates on a full time course have already shown a high commitment level. It may be their employer has paid or perhaps they have paid themselves and taken time off work. The cost of a full time course is higher so it is less likely someone would go on the course without serious consideration. The pass rate is also easier to measure because course providers will often ring every delegate afterwards to confirm how they did at exam time.

CeMAP home study courses are very different indeed. Costs are lower so some people enter into them without thinking. They are also easier to fail, but this usually has more to do with the student than the course. Home study courses need a lot of self discipline. As there is no full time commitment, the student has to study around other commitments, perhaps when the children are in bed or after work late at night. This means not everybody finishes the course and some take longer than others. Providers therefore find it hard and costly to follow up on every individual when one student takes a few months and another takes more than a year.

If a student puts in the time and effort needed, then CeMAP home study courses should be as successful as the full time options. Choose a reputable training provider and you can reap the benefits of CeMAP home study courses.