Why CeMAP Home Study?

The CeMAP qualification is in high demand as it is a prerequisite to becoming a mortgage advisor anywhere in the UK. There are different ways to study for your CeMAP and a full time course isn’t always convenient. Doing CeMAP by home study is increasingly in demand.

Advantages of CeMAP home study:

Doing the CeMAP by the home study route means you can study when and however you like. Whether late night or early morning study suits you, or even on the commute to work, a CeMAP home study course means you have the freedom to fit your study round work or family commitments.

It’s also cheaper than a full time or on-site course. With no need to take time off work or use your valuable holidays, the CeMAP home study option is popular. Payments can often be made whilst you study, spreading the fees over a number of months so you can get started without having to wait for your savings to build up.

The reason many people choose CeMAP home study is because they can take their time without feeling they have to keep pace with a group. Studying on a course with a group means a set timetable and, if you find one point difficult, then there’s only so much time available. With CeMAP home study options, you can focus on what you need to and move quickly on points you understand. A good CeMAP home study course will offer some form of support if you do find a point difficult.

The key thing with any home study course is self discipline. If a home study course is to be suitable for you then you need to be comfortable before you pay a penny so be sure to ask anything you need to know before selecting your CeMAP home study provider.