What Is The CeMAP Qualification?

CeMAP stands for the Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice which is the industry recognised qualification that every mortgage consultant in the UK needs to pass in order to give advice to the public.

The CeMAP qualification comprises three exams – CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3. All CeMAP exams are multiple choice.

CeMAP 1 – Introduction to Financial Services & Products and UK Regulation

CeMAP 1 is concerned with giving an overview of the entire financial services market in the UK. A lot of people find this exam to be a little daunting as it covers so many different aspects of financial services.

CeMAP 1 consists of two units. In each unit you have to answer 50 questions in one hour with the pass mark for each being 35 (70%).

Unit 1 is a complete overview of the financial services market covering taxation, investments, savings, mortgages and pensions. It also looks at the principles of giving financial advice and the law with regard to financial services.

Unit 2 is concerned with the regulation of the financial services industry. This primarily looks at the role of the Financial Services Authority, money laundering, data protection and complaints and compensation.

CeMAP 2 – Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge

CeMAP 2 is split into four units – units 3, 4, 5 and 6. There are 25 questions on each unit and you have to get 17 correct answers on each unit (68%).

Unit 3 is concerned with the law in relation to mortgages
Unit 4 deals with mortgage applications
Unit 5 covers mortgage repayments and products
Unit 6 outlines post completion issues

CeMAP 3 – Synoptic Paper

CeMAP 3 is based around answering questions on case studies. There are 6 case studies and 10 questions on each case study making 60 questions in total. To pass you need to answer correctly 42 out of 60 (70%). There is no separate subject content for CeMAP 3. It is based on exactly the same information and content as CeMAP 2. This is why we do the CeMAP 2&3 within the same training course.

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