CeMAP tests can be a good idea for you to practice on past papers or past questions before you take the actual CeMAP exam itself.  However, there are a few common pitfalls to avoid.

Firstly, avoid buying secondhand test papers or revision information from places such as eBay.  Although past papers and questions can be good practice, if they are from a company or a course that is even just twelve months old then it is likely that at least some of the questions are not just out of date but the answers could now be incorrect, especially if the questions relate to financial information such as taxes.

The ifs School of Finance updates its syllabus twice a year and a reputable training company will update even past questions to ensure they reflect the new syllabus.

Large changes usually come into play a few months after the Budget is announced in April, so even though in May there may be several important financial changes already in place, the syllabus will not yet have changed so it can be easy to become confused.  Luckily, in the exam itself, when it comes to things like tax percentages, these figures are provided for you in a table so you do not need to remember them.

Ideally, you should have mock exam papers and past questions to revise from before the CeMAP exam but make sure that any CeMAP tests you use have been updated properly.

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