For those who want a career in the mortgage industry, there are a number of questions that most people want to know the answers to. They want to know what it is like to work in the mortgage industry and what skills or training they might need. In essence, they want assurance that this could be the career for them. Here we list the top skills and training you may need for a career in the mortgage industry:

People skills: many people with good customer-facing skills enjoy working in the mortgage industry. A mortgage advisor deals with people from all walks of life and advises them on finding the best mortgage for their circumstances.

Self motivation: Many mortgage advisors are self-motivated. Personal motivation is a skill most of the employers in this area are seeking. Whether you choose to work as a mortgage advisor for a particular lender, to become an independent mortgage advisor for a firm or to ultimately work as a self-employed mortgage advisor, self motivation is a huge plus point. For those not yet working in the mortgage industry, doing CeMAP training independently is a great way to demonstrate this attribute.

An interest in the industry: Employers want to know that you are interested and passionate about the mortgage industry. This is one industry that interests almost everyone in some form or another, because most people will want to apply for a mortgage at some point; mortgage advice is a real-life subject and of interest to some degree to almost everybody. CeMAP training is an investment into your future and the right training will incorporate a variety of learning methods to suit each individual, ensuring that you can understand the materials easily.

CeMAP training is compulsory to become a mortgage advisor and at the time of writing, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is proposing that the CeMAP qualification becomes compulsory for many more people involved in some way in the sale of a mortgage, so if you intend to have a career in the financial services industry, then you will need a CeMAP training course to open numerous opportunities for you.

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