Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a qualification for UK mortgage advisors offered by The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) at QCF Level 3.

The certification is designed to meet the specific requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to practice as a 'licensed' advisor here in the UK.

About CeMAP Courses

Are you interested in becoming a mortgage advisor?

Regardless of your career and educational background, if you enjoy networking and helping people and have good communication skills, a career working as a mortgage advisor may be an ideal option.

As a recognised industry standard qualification, CeMAP is regarded as the starting point for all mortgage advisors and was devised to help candidates launch their new career. There are a variety of ways to study CeMAP including traditional classroom courses and online options that allow you to fit your studies around existing life and work commitments. All CeMAP options feature on-demand course work designed to help you get qualified in the best way that suits your personal and learning needs.

Over the course of three modules, studying CeMAP you will obtain the professional expertise you require to provide customers with advice on mortgage products. You will also gain an understanding of the regulations governing the UK mortgage industry, along with the factors impacting your clients’ personal financial plans.

As CeMAP is regarded as the standard qualification of the mortgage industry, after you obtain your certificate you can apply for a ‘licence to practise’.

During your studies with Beacon Financial Training you will receive multiple benefits, including access to professional networking events and career support that continues even after you become qualified and start practicing mortgage advice.

Key Information

This depends on whether you want to do an online or classroom course.

Online courses are £350 + VAT

Combined Online Course (CeMAP 1, 2 and 3) is £525 + VAT

Classroom courses are £575 + VAT

12 months – for the course you have 12 months to complete from registration.

There are three modules

What CeMAP studies will cover

  • The structure and purpose of the financial services industry in the UK.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCAs) key aims and activities along with Conduct of Business rules which are relevant to mortgage advice.
  • Home-buying and all parties involved in the process.
  • Understanding the different types of mortgages and customers.
  • Assessing the suitability and affordability of mortgage options and all associated products.

CeMAP Frequently Asked Questions

CeMAP is the recognised industry standard qualification for mortgage advisors. Achieving this qualification will help you launch your new career. The qualification is divided into a set of seven units spread across 3 modules (CeMAP 1, 2 & 3).

In three modules, you’ll explore; the purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) main aims, activities and relevant Conduct of Business rules, the house-buying process and parties involved, the different types of customers and mortgages, and how to assess the affordability and suitability of different mortgage options and associated products.

The qualification will equip you with the expertise you need to give mortgage advice.

At Beacon Financial Training, we don’t assume you have any prior knowledge. We pride ourselves at being able to take someone with no background experience or knowledge, and guide them through CeMAP training, and get them CeMAP qualified.

The CeMAP exams are facilitated by The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).

We are one of only a few Accredited Learning Support Providers (ALSPs) for the LIBF, but only the LIBF can host your examination.  Our job is to prepare you for successfully passing the LIBF’s exams with our training and development courses.

Please note, our training course fees do not include the registration fees which are payable to the LIBF which you will need to pay in order to sit the exams. These are £185 per module (there are 3 modules in total). Their telephone number is 01227 818609 or you can visit them online at www.libf.com

You will be assessed for each module by a two-hour electronic multiple-choice exam.

Module 1 (CeMAP 1), UK Financial Regulation (UKFR) – two units with 50 multiple-choice questions for each unit

Module 2 (CeMAP 2), Mortgages (MORT) – four units with 25 multiple-choice questions for each unit

Module 3 (CeMAP 3), Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM) – one unit with six case studies, each with ten linked multiple-choice questions

You can choose when to take your CeMAP exams and pick from test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation.

You will have 12 months from when you register with the LIBF, to complete each module and sit the exam. Your first exam is included in the registration fee for each module.

You won’t get a qualification from only completing our course, but you will be awarded the Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice from the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) after you have passed your exams.  See previous FAQ about how the exams work for more information.

Yes as often as you require.  You have full access to the course module(s) you have paid for, and you can watch, pause and rewind the course content and videos as often as you want.

Any students that struggle to learn from home can upgrade to a CeMAP classroom course at any time by paying the difference in cost between a home study course and the classroom version.

The three modules of CeMAP

CeMAP is made up of seven mandatory units included in three different modules. Course candidates can register themselves for a single module, or all three at once. If you wish, you can study CeMAP 1, also known as UK Financial Regulation on its own.

Unit 1: Includes an introduction to the financial services environment and available products.

Unit 2: Covers UK financial services regulations.

This module concludes with an objective exam (2 hours) made up of 100 multiple choice-type questions. The electronic exam for Module 1 breaks down into 50 questions for each unit.

Unit 3: Covers mortgage Law, markets, and policy practice.

Unit 4: Covers mortgage applications.

Unit 5: Covers protection products related to mortgages.

Unit 6: Includes mortgage payments methods and dealing with post-completions issues.

This module also concludes with an objective exam (2 hours) made up of 100 multiple choice-type questions. The exam for Module 2 breaks down as follows, 25 questions each for unit 3 and 4. 20 questions for unit 5 and 30 questions for unit 6.

Unit 7 – A full assessment of the candidate’s mortgage advice and knowledge.

This module concludes with another objective exam (2 hours) but involves six case studies and 10 multiple choice-type questions.

As a CeMAP student, you can select when to take your exams and choose remote invigilation or from test centres situated nationwide. From the time and date when students register, they have 12 months in which to complete each module and sit the associated exam.

After a CeMAP student has successfully completed their qualification, they will receive their certification as proof of completion by post. They can then display it in their office once practicing and include the letters CeMAP after their name.

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High quality CeMAP courses at Beacon Financial Training

At Beacon Financial Training we are committed to providing high-class, top quality CeMAP training to get you qualified for your new career. Whether you wish to study at one of our dedicated CeMAP training centres or remotely from home, we can offer you options at an affordable price. The cost of our courses is highly competitive and unlike many other training firms, all our instructors have a professional teaching qualification and industry experience.

We are proud to provide some of the leading CeMAP® training courses available with many other professional providers using our well-considered syllabus for their own training programmes.

Confident in the education we offer, we offer a course guarantee. All full time CeMAP® training course candidates who fail to pass their exam first time are entitled to join the course again free of charge.

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