Special Offers

We have a range of special offers for new customers and returning customers which means that taking your CeMAPs will be less of a financial burden.

We can offer you the payment for the courses over a period of ten months. This means that you will pay a 20% deposit up front and then for the following ten months you will settle the remaining balance. We will take a payment at the end of each month which for many is a much more manageable way to pay for the courses.

If you book the week of study in CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2&3 at the same time you will receive a 20% discount on the price than if you were to book them separately. As you need to pass each of the three exams to become CeMAP qualified this is an unmissable offer!

Here at Beacon we value friendship. If you recommend a course to a friend we can offer you a £50 off referral guarantee. Not only will you get the course for cheaper but you will also be able to go through the process with a friend. A win-win!

In 2018 we are launching the CeMAP Diploma. We always like to see a friendly face so for returning customers at Beacon we can offer you the Diploma for a discounted price.

Sometimes life may get in the way of your Distance Learning and you may regret the missed opportunity to complete the CeMAPs in the classroom. Do not fear – if you have purchased the home study option we can discount this price off the total amount for the classroom courses. This way you will not be paying any extra than you would have if you had initially chosen to complete the classroom course with us.

For more information about any of these offers please contact us.