Your Choices For CeMAP Training Courses

If you want to enter into the financial business and, in particular, become a mortgage adviser then you need to take CeMAP training to get your certification. There are two choices for CeMAP training courses, taking a course locally and the home study option, which can be done online.

Full CeMAP training courses are taken over five days of intensive training and include CeMAP parts 1, 2 and 3. Together these all go towards getting your CeMAP qualification. There is no specific order in which you have to take the training so there is nothing to say that you cannot take parts two and three and then take one, it is down to the individual.

You may for instance choose to take parts one and two in as little as ten days. Alternatively you could decide to spread the coursework out over more weeks and take your time. There are advantages to taking your time with the coursework and one of these is that you will not be stressed out, you can study and pass the exam and then take time out to relax before going on to take the next course. This means that there is no rush, which of course means less stress.

One of the advantages to studying with us is that there is no need to have undergone any study before attending the course, whereas with some companies you are expected to study up front for so many hours. If you have chosen to attend CeMAP training courses you have peace of mind that there will only be a small number of individuals taking the course with you. This, of course, is ideal as it allows you to study in a more relaxed frame of mind when you take the course.

If you choose to take your CeMAP training courses online you are able to download all the material. Just as with the classroom based course you would attend, the downloaded course covers all the courses and have been written by a former teacher who takes you through the concepts to help you pass your CeMAP course first time.