Following recent publicity on mortgage lenders removing fees from certain mortgage deals or making innovative offers to attract first time buyers, it seems it is more important than ever for consumers to seek advice from a mortgage advisor before they commit to a mortgage deal.

It is particularly important to make sure that homeowners or potential homeowners check the small print of these mortgage deals, especially in the case of those offering ‘no fee’ incentives.

It is a common mistake for consumers to be attracted by the headline interest rate or the fee free option rather than making the proper comparisons. Going for the publicity stunt offer can mean you don’t always get the best deal for your circumstances. There are hundreds of mortgage deals available because different mortgage deals suit different people.

Those undergoing CeMAP training to become a mortgage advisor learn about all the different mortgage terms and options available and at times it can seem a little mind-boggling, but it is important to be able to make the comparisons.

A qualified mortgage advisor can make sure that a borrower knows all the options available to them and can make a knowledgeable, informed choice.

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