Covid-19 has moved much of corporate life into the virtual space, with everything from meetings to training now having to be conducted this way. That means if you are just starting to study for a career in financial services, for example CeMAP mortgage advisor training, you will have to do so online – but could that be for the best?

There are several solid reasons to think so. Firstly, a study published by IBM revealed that people doing their training online absorb five times as much information as those attending physical classrooms or training centres. This is because the flexible working schedules offered by online learning let people move rapidly through parts of a course that they grasp easily while taking longer over those parts that they find more difficult.

A second reason why doing financial training online might be for the best is that there is a higher likelihood of completing the course. Another study revealed that online training courses are between 25% and 60% more likely to retain their students than offline ones. It is argued that this is because online training lets students complete classes when convenient for them and because the multimedia content makes for a more interesting learning experience.

Finally, there is the fact that training online takes up less time, as you will not have to travel to and from classes. This time saved can be used for valuable relaxation or for study, either of which can help you get that CeMAP qualification.

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