UK Financial Regulation or CeMAP 1

Consists of two units:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to the financial services environment and products
  • Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation

Mortgages (CeMAP 2) and Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge (CeMAP 3)

Consists of 4 units:

  • Unit 3 – Mortgage Law and Practice
  • Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications
  • Unit 5 – Repayment Methods and Products
  • Unit 6 –  Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion

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Those seeking to start a professional career as a mortgage advisor must first acquire a foundation in their field. Potential advisors will need to have a qualification that’s recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Mortgage advisors at the beginning of their career will find CeMAP courses to be the ideal choice for such a qualification. Potential employers – including banks, building societies and specialist mortgage companies – all accept a CeMAP education as evidence of an expert understanding of mortgages. Following full certification, course participants will be ready to begin practicing as a fully qualified advisor for mortgages.

CeMAP home study courses

While CeMAP courses are the first step on the road to becoming a qualified mortgage advisor, they’re not always easy to access. Many organisations offering these specialist courses only run them from London. Figuring in the expense of extensive travel, as well as accommodation if you’re based further afield, can make training to be a mortgage advisor a costly career path.

At Beacon Training, we specialise in making high-quality courses for mortgage advisors easy to get your hands on wherever you’re based in the country. We have extensive experience in establishing and running courses throughout Northern England, including major cities like Liverpool and Manchester. However, we also understand that some potential mortgage advisors require greater flexibility while they kick-start their new career.

We created our CeMAP home study courses for just this reason. Whether candidates are studying in their spare time while working in another profession, or based in a location with poor transport links, our CeMAP home study courses are a perfect fit. From your own home, in your own time, these built-for-purpose courses are an exceptional way to train and develop your skills as an advisor. You’ll broaden your knowledge base and become familiar with all areas of being a competent advisor while gaining the recognised qualification you require.

An introduction to the CeMAP qualification

CeMAP is an accepted qualification for mortgage advisors. It’s divided into seven unique units with different areas of the profession taught throughout different modules. Along with gaining expert knowledge and crucial skills, the comprehensive CeMAP course also educates would-be advisors on how to operate effectively in their future role. From understanding how legislation applies to advisors, to managing clients through the entire process of acquiring a mortgage, all areas are covered.

CeMAP 1 – take your first step to become an advisor

The CeMAP 1 course includes of two units designed to offer potential mortgage advisors a firm foundation in their new career. Unit 1 is entitled an ‘Introduction to Financial Services and Environment and Products’. This unit has been developed to provide new advisors with a broad overview of the sector they are joining and offer them a solid knowledge base on which they can build. The CeMAP 1 course includes a one-hour long examination in which trainees must answer 50 questions in a multiple-choice test.

In Unit 2, course participants will learn all about the UK Financial Services Regulations in order to acquire a strong knowledge of the rigid laws designed to guide mortgage advisors when aiding their clients. As in Unit 1, in order complete Unit 2 of the CeMAP course, trainees must take an objective examination and fully answer 50 questions in a multiple-choice format.

CeMAP 2 & 3 – take your skills to the next level

After doing the groundwork in offering advice for mortgages with CeMAP 1, the next step for trainee advisors to tackle is CeMAP 2 and 3. After successfully completing all three of the CeMAP courses, potential advisors will be set to start their career offering professional advice to those in the market for a mortgage.

The CeMAP 2 and 3 courses have been developed for trainee advisors to build on what they’ve learned and expand their knowledge by offering them an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of their newly chosen career.

The CeMAP 2 course is simply named “Mortgages” and is separated into four different units that continue sequentially from where students left off in the CeMAP 1 course.

CeMAP 2 starts with Unit 3 and is based on four subjects – Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets. Unit Four of the course turns its attention to mortgage applications, training would-be mortgage advisors on how to use the required documentation specifically developed for mortgages. Unit 5 focuses on different mortgage payment methods and the selection of products available for clients. Finally, Unit 6 studies mortgage arrears and issues that may arise before completion, preparing potential advisors for commonly found obstacles that can occur when guiding and advising clients through the mortgage application process.

The four units included in the CeMAP 2 course must be completed with a half-hour objective exam that comprises 25 multiple-choice questions.

The CeMAP 3 course includes only a single unit, Unit 7. Titled ‘an assessment of mortgage advice and knowledge’, this final course includes a 120-minute exam that involves six unique case studies accompanied by 10 multiple choice type questions.

Why select Beacon Financial Training for CeMAP home study courses?

A perfect start for your studies as an advisor, our CeMAP 1, 2 & 3 home study courses are managed by qualified professionals and boast an impressive 90% passing rate. With course materials that are easy to understand, participants will also have access to 1,000 past examination questions and answers to assist them in successfully obtaining their qualification.

At Beacon Financial Training, our expertise lies in delivering intensive courses designed to be suited to a wide range of different students’ personal needs and circumstances. We are fully committed to those who learn with us, and offer our support to them beyond course completion. Once our trainees are up and running as qualified advisors, we remain on hand and ready to assist when necessary.

An additional benefit of our convenient CeMAP home study courses is that you’ll only ever pay once, plus you can retake your exams as many times as you wish until you receive the result you’re satisfied with.

All prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.