As Britain has become increasingly aware over recent years, there is an aging population issue within the UK as the number of people over state pension age increases.

There is consequently a shortage of accommodation and so those who need long term care are sometimes forced to move miles from friends, family and those who know them in order to get the care they need.

However, those who are looking for long term care and yet still wish to remain in their own home are able to use equity release as a funding option.  Alternatively, the funds released from their home could be used for the costs of residential care whilst their spouse can remain in the home.

To advise on mortgages, a person has to take their CeMAP training.  However, equity release is a special sort of mortgage advice due to the vulnerability of the people generally being advised and so only those mortgage advisors who have taken the CeRER qualification are able to advise on it.

There is a huge market for equity release as there is an estimated £500 billion of equity tied up in the homes of those over the age of 65.  Equity release is a solution for those who wish to remain in their own homes and yet still have a need to release some funds.

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