Fast-track CeMAP Training

If you are currently working as a mortgage advisor in the UK, you will no doubt understand the value of CeMAP qualifications. Passing these exams will help you to give better advice to your clients, and boost your chance of securing job with good prospects and a better salary. At Beacon Financial Training, we offer effective fast-track CeMAP training that is tailored to your needs.

What’s covered by our fast-track CeMAP training course?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) qualification process is broken down into three sections or modules. Module 1 covers UK financial regulations. During this module, which is called CeMAP 1, you learn about the legal and ethical responsibilities that you and the lenders you recommend have.

The other two modules cover mortgages, so it makes sense to study these together. During these modules, you learn about the different types of mortgage, as well as how to assess a client’s suitability for each option. These modules are referred to as CeMAP 2 & 3.

How will I cover the material?

All of the lessons take place in a classroom environment. Class sizes are kept small; most of the time, you will be studying with no more than nine other pupils.

Experience has shown us that this is the best way to make sure that the teacher has the time to answer each student’s questions. Studying with others makes the whole experience easier and usually more enjoyable. You benefit from the experience of your fellow pupils, and spur each other on.

Studying in a classroom environment provides structure and an environment that is conducive to learning. The fact you are studying in a focused way, in a distraction free classroom, will help you to learn quickly.

How long does the entire course take?

Our fast-track CeMAP training is split into two sets of lessons. You study for your CeMAP level 1 qualification over the course of five days. The CeMAP level 2 & 3 modules are taught over a further five days.

If you want to, you can do both courses back to back. However, for most students, leaving a gap of three or four weeks between the two study periods works best. Taking this approach gives you a chance to review what you have learned and take the exams associated with that module.

No pre-course preparation

Unlike some other CeMAP course providers, we do not insist that you spend hours studying the IFS Manual for CeMAP. We know the jargon in there is difficult to understand without professional guidance, so we go through all of that as part of the course.

Our pass promise

Our approach to teaching means the majority of our students pass their CeMAP assessments and exams first time. However, should you fail to do so, you can retake the course until you do, and do so free of charge.

The course fees include all learning materials, but you will need to pay the relevant exam registration fees. They are payable to the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS).

At Beacon Financial Training, we know how to make sure that you pass your CeMAP exams quickly and get yourself on the fast track to success. To book your course, just click here, or fill out our callback form to find out more.