In a special offer for 2009, SimplyBiz Mortgages is offering its Mortgage Brain software free of charge to all its member firms, meaning mortgage advisors pay nothing for the technology this year.

SimplyBiz Mortgages is a FSA compliance service company and their Mortgage Brain package includes a back office system and comprehensive KFI and Mortgage Trading Exchange.

Managing Director of SimplyBiz Mortgages, Philip Holroyd, stated:

“The offer of a free Mortgage Brain package is another way in which SimplyBiz has decided to help its member firms by offering, often complimentary, services that improve their service proposition and bottom line profitability. It has been launched at our current round of mortgage meetings and, as expected, is proving to be very popular.”

Mortgage advisors will be looking to save money wherever possible during the downturn in the housing market, despite recent signs that the housing market is beginning to revive. As our recent articles have shown, there have been several signs that the housing market is beginning to move again and mortgage lenders are gaining confidence, however, experts have warned against making premature assumptions that the recession is on its way out.

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