If you choose to study for your CeMAP qualification and become a mortgage advisor, then the doings of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) are something you will keep up to date with as the FSA is the regulator for the financial services industry, including mortgages.

Last week, the Treasury Committee agreed to appoint a new chairman for the FSA, Lord Turner of Ecchinswell.  They also appointed a new deputy chairman, Charlie Bean, for the Bank of England.

The chairman of the Committee, John McFall MP, said: “In order to avoid market uncertainty, I am announcing today with the Treasury Committee’s agreement… the appointments of Lord Turner as chairman of the FSA and of Charlie Bean as deputy governor of the Bank of England.”

This may mean some changes for the FSA in future, some of which may impact upon the mortgage industry.  As part of your CeMAP study, you will learn a little bit of the history of the FSA and its role with CeMAP qualified mortgage advisors.

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