One property agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has released a guide particularly aimed at helped what are being termed ‘double mortgage’ customers, following increasingly high levels of demand.

The company, DJ Alexander, said that these ‘double mortgage’ customers are those who, thanks to the slump in the housing market, have found themselves the owners of two properties and are renting one of them out in order to cover the two mortgages.

The customers are typically couples who have got a house together but have not sold their original property. They are generally finding that they have to rent one of the houses out just to help pay the mortgage rather than for commercial reasons.

Spokesman David Alexander said:

“These clients are not able to take as detached a view of letting as a commercial landlord would. In fact, it would be fair to say that most of them would prefer not to be landlords in the first place, hence the reason for the guide.”

Mortgage advisors are seeing customers that have found themselves in different scenarios than we have seen generally over the last decade or so and advice is more important than ever for those who find themselves needing a buy-to-let or let-to-buy mortgage for the first time.

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