The new government will promote fairness in the housing market, build more homes and work towards the banning of tenant’s fees, according to the Queen’s speech on 21 June.

The statement was made to mark the state opening of parliament, following the recent general election. Prior to the Queen’s speech, the government had announced a draft bill which would provide legislation to ban letting fees for tenants. Other announcements in the speech have recently been discussed in other documents, like the recent white paper on housing.

Also included in the speech was the announcement of a financial guidance and claims bill. This legislation would result in a new organisation being created to offer financial advice and also tighten the regulation of companies which deal with claims. Russell Quirk, the chief executive of EMoov, said:

“The government yet again are setting out to revitalise their approach to housing only for us to look back come the next occasion and realise that the previous hype and hot air has evaporated with no tangible action whatsoever.”

The white paper on housing had pledged to provide more affordable homes, and help slow rising property costs, to helping working people gain access to a home. Measures were also included to bring down the cost of renting. Jane Duncan, the president of RIBA, warned that although homes are urgently needed, they must be a high standard, rather than sacrificing quality for quantity.

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