A recent poll showed that 57% of the public now favour online searches for mortgage advisors, compared with just 37% who prefer word-of-mouth recommendations. This rapid shift towards the internet is something advisors need to be conscious of, and live chat is a feature they can use to exploit it.

If people are choosing an advisor over the internet, having a website is more important than ever. Having live chat on the site is a good way to allow visitors to get answers to any initial queries. Then, once an advisor has connected with them and shown that they are ready and willing to communicate online, they can turn that positive first impression into a sale and a lasting relationship.

There is hard evidence that live chat delivers real results for advisors. Research has shown that it increases the level of engagement the public has with a website by an astonishing 600%. It will be a lot easier to convince people that they are the right person to advise them about their mortgage options if an advisor has already started a conversation.

The emerging advisor generation have an advantage over their predecessors, as Covid-19 has forced them to become more tech-savvy. Many of those entering the sector now will have completed CeMAP training courses via an online provider, so they are familiar with that world. Adding the live chat feature to their business website will allow advisors to support potential customers at all times and convince them of being the right fit.

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