Anyone who is aiming to become a mortgage adviser will have to undertake CeMAP training. Courses can be found in various parts of the UK, although it is advisable to enrol with a reputable training provider. Although the qualification is required to become licensed to practice, you will benefit from the knowledge you will gain during the training course, helping you to become a competent mortgage adviser who can help potential homebuyers.

While learning about the mortgage market, you will gain information about the various products that are available, different types of mortgage and how to protect your mortgage payments in case of adversity. This will ensure that you provide the most suitable advice for a homebuyer.

In addition to advising the most suitable product for a customer, you will also be responsible for making sure that all regulations are adhered to, by the lender and client. You may have to interpret the intention of regulations for a customer, to make sure they are aware of what they are signing up to.

Following the introduction of the new affordability regulations, there are many methods and tools being used to check a customer’s ability to repay their mortgage. Having the knowledge and experience you gain whilst studying for CeMAP will help you to correctly identify when a client may have a real problem making repayments, and advise them accordingly.

Applying for a mortgage can be a frightening prospect for some people, especially when facing the tough new rules. Being a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser will help you to make it an easier process.

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