Perhaps you have been spending a little time looking at the different ways of studying for your CeMAP qualification or perhaps you just know your own preferred methods of study, and you have come to the conclusion that you want to attend a CeMAP training course from a reputable CeMAP company. How are you to decide between the different CeMAP courses? Is more expensive the better option? How much is a reasonable price to pay for a CeMAP course?

Here is a list of our top things to check when choosing your CeMAP training company:

• Check the company’s history
• Check testimonials. If the company is genuine, you should be able to get genuine testimonials from them
• Ask how many will be in the group. Ideally, it should be no more than 12, unless there is then more than one tutor available
• Ask how much pre-study or reading they expect before you arrive. Many people find the Institute of Financial Services (IFS) manuals difficult to understand and a good CeMAP training company should have their own material and be able to teach you without any prior knowledge
• If you have no prior knowledge or experience of the market, ask the company if they have had any previous students they have taken from zero to pass
• Check what qualifications and experience their tutors have. They may be ex-mortgage advisors, but does that mean they are good teachers?

In terms of price, many CeMAP training companies charge over £1,000 per course, even up to £2,000 per course, but unless you will be spending several weeks at their training facility, there should be no need for these sort of prices.

Bear in mind that CeMAP courses in London are likely to cost more because of the higher cost of hiring rooms or renting office space, whereas you will note that CeMAP courses in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham or other cities around the UK are slightly cheaper. The price of a CeMAP course in Scotland could vary again because there are very few CeMAP training companies who can offer CeMAP courses specifically tailored to Scottish Law.

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