Training courses of any kind need to be organised well if they are to run smoothly, whether the course is for CeRER, CeFA or CeMAP training or of any other kind.

Before you book onto any training course with any training provider you might want to ask a few questions:

–    check how often the training materials are updated.  For example, the CeMAP syllabus changes twice a year as does the CeFA syllabus, so you need to be sure you won’t get partway through the course and find the trainer reading the materials and pointing out that actually, some of the material is out of date so please make extra notes.  That won’t help your exam revision
–    ask what materials they use during their training.  Typical training materials will include a projector connected to a laptop, a whiteboard, pre-printed materials, perhaps a flipchart, amongst others
–    check how long they’ve been training.  Training companies generally only learn from experience, for example, at one CeMAP training course in Birmingham held by a particular CeMAP training company, delegates were troubled to find the projector lamp blew and the trainer had no backup plan.  A course is not easy when the main equipment is broken, but without this experience what training company would think to check there were spare projector lamps in hand!
–    ask what provisions are in place for a refund should anything happen that will cause either the company to cancel the entire course, in which case a reputable training company should offer a full refund or a place on an alternative course.  It is worth making sure that these policies are in place as you should not assume

At Beacon Financial Training, we have many years of experience with training CeFA and CeMAP students and have been offering CeRER courses for as long as they have been available.  Our courses are well organised and training materials changed with every update so we can be confident of our promises.

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