Exams are stressful for most people, no matter how many you are taking. All the study you have done to this point will now be tested in an exam, and the outcome could have a serious impact on your life. For instance, you may be taking an exam towards gaining a professional qualification, like a CeMAP courses. However, it is often possible to re-take the exam if you don’t achieve the test score you were hoping for.

The obvious place to start when preparing for exams is your study. Don’t leave your revision and study till the last minute, meaning that you have to cram everything in. Be organised and create a schedule of study time so that you can also enjoy a bit of relaxation.

Use flash cards to help you memorise specific facts, so that you know them off by heart. Leave the flash cards around the house so that you can do some impromptu revision. Don’t concentrate only on the recent work, but revise earlier topics by using your previous study notes.

When you actually sit the exam, read every question carefully so that you don’t misunderstand it. One of the most common reasons for answering a relatively simple question incorrectly is that the question wasn’t read and understood by the student.

Taking exams is an important part of life, whether you are a student at university, or an older student working towards gaining professional qualifications to improve your career prospects.

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