There are so many mortgages available that it is no wonder that many people end up completely confused. As buying a home is possibly the most expensive purchase you will ever make, it is important to find the most suitable mortgage as this could save you thousands of pounds on the overall cost.

A mortgage adviser will give you professional advice about the whole mortgage concept, including the various types of mortgage deal available and the most suitable product for you. To be sure that you obtain the best advice, make sure that the mortgage adviser you select is professionally qualified and has taken a CeMAP course.

You can expect an adviser to ask about your financial circumstances in great detail so that they will know which lenders are likely to offer you a mortgage. You will also be told about the various deals which are available and which are most suitable for your circumstances. Once you have explained your finances to the adviser, they will be able to make a recommendation, along with reasons why that particular product has been chosen.

Ideally you will select an adviser who is ‘whole of market’ which means that they will look at all the different lenders and their products. Anyone who isn’t ‘whole of market’ will only consider products from certain lenders and you may be restricted to specific deals.

To get the best results from your mortgage adviser, make sure they are qualified and give them all the information they require, so that they can help you make the right decision for you.

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