Most people will have to undergo some form of learning during their career, either to perform in a new role, or to gain further qualifications to enhance their skills. Professional roles change constantly, with new regulations or working practices that require some form of learning to prepare you. There are steps you can take to maximise your experience:

Take steps to prepare for the training event by making sure that nothing distracts you from your goals. Read all the materials that are issued prior to the course, so that you are aware of your study objectives.

Decide what you want from the training course before you agree to attend. Some companies send their workforce on all training courses, whether or not they are required. So that you will benefit fully from the course, decide what you want to achieve beforehand. You may be attending a training course that is mandatory for all staff, or you could be working towards your future, for instance, attending one of the CeMAP courses. Manchester is just one of the cities which has a huge demand for CeMAP qualified mortgage advisers.

If you have a huge workload, try to make sure that someone is able to cover for you in your absence, so that you aren’t distracted by events in the workplace. Devote yourself to the study if possible, so that you can absorb as much information as possible. Take steps to ensure you arrive early for your training course and spend time looking over the material afterwards, so that you increase your chances of retaining information.

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