Although the restrictions that have been in place since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic are lifting, it is likely that many of the changes that mortgage advisors introduced to cope with them will turn out to be permanent.

The biggest question advisors face is whether to return to working from an office full-time, stick with remote working or aim for a hybrid of the two. It seems likely that many will choose the third path, as much of the everyday work of a mortgage advisor can be done just as well away from a traditional office space, with the exception of meetings with their clients.

Over the past 15 months, those meetings will have taken place using technology such as Zoom, but for many advisors and clients, this will always have been a necessary temporary measure. Advisors may have to approach meetings on a case-by-case basis, with some clients keen to meet in person again, while others remain worried about Covid-19 infections.

Many advisors are now more comfortable with technology and remote working. Those who qualified during the pandemic will have done their CeMAP training courses online, and virtual mortgage advisor training will likely continue to grow in popularity post-pandemic.

The ultimate decision may also depend on whether they are self-employed or members of a network. In the latter case, they will not have full control over the decision, but a return to a full-time office model still seems unlikely following the successful adjustments of the last year.

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