If you are looking for a good career, becoming a financial or mortgage advisor could be for you. Here we tell you more and explain what skills and qualities you need to be able to work in this industry:

What do financial advisors do?

Put simply, a financial advisor helps people to choose the best financial products for them. A good advisor helps people to find something that suits their current circumstances and will work for them well in the future too.

The finance industry is divided into different sectors. Financial advice covers everything from pensions to advising about mortgages and other major forms of borrowing. It is a broad subject, so most people specialise in just one or two types of financial advice. This is best for all concerned.

It is a responsible job

As you can imagine this is a very important job. If you give someone the wrong advice, you can have a long-term negative impact on his or her life. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, but a good CeMAP qualification can help you succeed.

Good attention to detail

Given the fact that the stakes are so high, you need to be the sort of person who has a good eye for detail. It is important to ensure that you have asked the right questions, note the answers accurately and consider every detail before giving your advice. It is important to keep good records too.

Willing to continue to study

Periodically, the regulations and standards surrounding mortgages change. All mortgage advisors have to stay up to date with these changes and need to be able to adjust the advice that they give out accordingly. They also need to adapt to the policies of the companies that they work for.

A good communicator

You will be sharing complex information with all kinds of people, so you need to be a good communicator. Good listening skills are just as important as being able to break things down and explain them in language that others can understand.

A good salesperson

Of course, your main job is to give sound advice, but to make money and keep your job you will also have to make sales. If every customer you speak to walks away with free advice and does not actually take out a mortgage with the company you work for, your career will be a short one.

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