As we discussed earlier this month, particularly when you have just finished your CeMAP training and are just getting started, lead generation is particularly important.

We’ve already discussed where to get your leads from and what to check for, but there are other ways of making sure that you get the best value from your leads.

Firstly, as discussed, you need to get fresh leads and respond as quickly as possible, but even when you have made that call and found that you cannot provide a service to that person – no matter what the reason – that does not mean that you cannot get value from the lead.

The most important thing is to build rapport whilst you are talking to this person and remember even if you cannot help them, you might know someone who can. It is possible for you to earn money by referring this person to a company or person who can offer them a service. Perhaps they need somebody who can write a new will for them or perhaps they want something else. If you can refer it on and earn a commission then value has been earnt from that lead so don’t just hang up. Successful business is all about networking.

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