The CeRER (Certificate in Regulated Equity Release) is essential for any mortgage advisor in today’s fluctuating mortgage market.

Being able to give only basic mortgage advice is no longer sufficient and mortgage advisors and financial advisors need to diversify their business.

Despite falling house prices at the moment, many people still have a large amount of equity in their home and yet those approaching retirement age do not have the savings or pension they need to live the lifestyle they not only deserve but need.

To advise in the equity release market, you need your CeRER qualification and the fastest way to get it is to take a short two day CeRER training course.  Any longer is unnecessary but anything shorter is likely to be a revision course only and expect you to have already familiarised yourself with the CeRER syllabus, which let’s face it, if the ifs manual were sufficient, then financial training companies would not be in business.

Amazingly, this is still a particularly niche area with less than 1000 qualified advisors operating in the UK market at the time of writing, so the time is ripe for anybody to become CeRER-qualified.

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