When you are preparing for your CeMAP exam, there is a lot of jargon you need to familiarise yourself with, particularly if you are not from a mortgage background.  Often, people who want to study for the CeMAP qualification themselves are wanting to show initiative in order to get into the financial services industry or sometimes they work in the back office, perhaps doing administration, and don’t really get to learn the jargon whilst on the job.

Jargon can be very confusing, and one term that delegates on the CeMAP training course often get confused about is which is the mortgagee and which is the mortgagor in a mortgage contract.

One easy way to remember it that we use on our CeMAP training courses is to say to yourself that the ‘mortgag-or is the borrow-or’.  If you can get that little phrase in your head, you’ll always remember that the mortgagor is the borrower and therefore the mortgagee is the lender.

Little touches like this are what makes a huge difference between trying to study the CeMAP material from the ifs books alone or taking an actual CeMAP training course.  After all, the last thing you want to do is fail the exam because although you knew the syllabus you had simply mixed up the meaning of two words!

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