One of the common questions that we see from potential CeMAP delegates looking to become a mortgage advisor either through a full time CeMAP training course or even a distance learning home study course is what it actually takes to become a CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) qualified mortgage advisor and what is the likelihood that they have what it takes to pass the three CeMAP exams.

There is little doubt that no matter what route you choose to study for the CeMAP exams, it will take focus, hard work and dedication as well as a real desire to succeed. Some people are academically gifted and find exams relatively easy and yet, observing the typical group of ten delegates on our CeMAP training courses the range of abilities and the difference in their past work experience is vast. Some come from having worked within the financial services industry already, some have no experience whatsoever but the one thing they have in common is the desire to become a mortgage advisor.

It is no easy task for a trainer to take all these ten delegates, train them to the same standard within five working days and prepare them for their CeMAP exams. Yet week after week it can be done and typically all of them will pass their exams. That does not mean it is easy though.

A good CeMAP training course will be designed to cater for the most basic level, in other words, for the absolute novice with no experience. As such, the course content is taught and mock exams and practice questions are important all the way through. This has the additional benefit that delegates are learning both the CeMAP syllabus content but also the techniques needed to pass the CeMAP exams. Every day, strengths and weaknesses are spotted and re-trained where necessary.

This system works on both a full time and home study basis, each of which gives tutor support and CeMAP training courses are available in major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Scotland.

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