CeMAP 2&3 Online Course

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Mortgages (CeMAP 2) and Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge (CeMAP 3)

Consists of 4 units:

  • Unit 3 – Mortgage Law and Practice
  • Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications
  • Unit 5 – Repayment Methods and Products
  • Unit 6 –  Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion

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Those planning to begin a career in offering mortgage advice must obtain a grounding in their chosen field. Would-be brokers must have a recognised qualification accepted by regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At the start of their professional career, mortgage advisors will discover CeMAP courses can be a perfect choice this required qualification. Firms hiring advisors – including building societies, banks and dedicated mortgage companies – will all recognise CeMAP education as a sign of a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of mortgages. After full certification, CeMAP course students will be prepared to start practicing their new profession as a qualified mortgage advisor.

Studying CeMAP courses at home

Although many educational enterprises provide home study, distance learning and online courses for CeMAP studies, we’ve put together a unique proposal with many benefits not shared by our competitors.

Many home studies options for CeMAP present a more basic version of the full content found in the CeMAP syllabus. While this approach can appear to simplify matters, problems can arise when students still find the content difficult to comprehend and soon become disengaged leading to a loss of interest. It can be hard for students to keep disciplined while learning from home when the content is at times dense and complex.

Here at Beacon Financial Training, we favour different methods using an online or home study course that’s the closest representation of our professional classroom courses delivered via video. For close to 15 years, we’ve been providing CeMAP classroom courses and we’re proud to report an average success rate of around 85-90%.

On our video course online, you’ll hear our lead CeMAP trainer instructing and explaining every key point you’ll need to understand for each of the course chapters. The video clip you’ll see online is has been carefully created with our trainer and presents a comprehensive CeMAP training file used in our classrooms. The key pieces of text highlighted in the file focus on the important areas you’ll be most likely to face in your exams, ensuring you’re prepared for success.

To help you understand the trickier topics and terms, our trainer will offer everyday examples to supply a context and explain issues using simple language that’s easy to comprehend.

After every topic completed, customers taking the course can test their knowledge with a mini test. These have been crafted using a selection of sample CeMAP questions that represent the kind of questions candidates will be faced with at their actual exam taken at the test centre. Following the test, every answer will be explored in the video giving explanations when necessary. The same process will also be used for mock exam-style questions and their answers.

Introducing CeMAP qualifications

CeMAP is a recognised form of certification for mortgage advisors. It’s split into seven individual units that cover different aspects of being an advisor taught via different modules. As well as obtaining specialist knowledge and vital skills, the CeMAP course offers a comprehensive education for trainee advisors regarding how to work efficiently in their new profession. From comprehending how current laws apply to advisors to handling and managing clients from start to finish while they attempt to acquire a mortgage, the course covers a wide range of areas.

Continue your studies with CeMAP 2 & 3

After gaining a solid foundation in mortgage advice on the CeMAP 1 course, would be advisors will be ready to take on CeMAP 2 and 3. Following successful completion of all three CeMAP courses, course candidates will be set to take their first career steps offering professional mortgage advice to clients.

CeMAP 2 and 3 have been specially designed for trainee mortgage advisors to expand their subject knowledge by building on what they’ve already learned. Unlike CeMAP 1, these courses offer a more detailed understanding of their new profession.

Simply titled “Mortgages”, the CeMAP 2 course is divided into four separate units, continuing sequentially from the CeMAP 1 course.

Beginning with Unit 3, CeMAP 2 focuses on four topics – Policy, Mortgage Law, Markets and Practice. Unit 4 then turns the student’s attention to the subject of mortgage applications, instructing trainee mortgage advisors how to understand and employ the essential documentation specifically designed for mortgages.

After completing this topic, Unit 5 illustrates the different payment methods for mortgages and explores the wide array of products currently available on the market. The last unit, Unit 6, deals with mortgage arrears along with any issues that can arise prior to completion, to prepare potential advisors for typical obstacles occurring while advising and guiding their clients during a mortgage application.

The four units that comprise the CeMAP 2 course must then be completed by taking a half-hour exam made up from 25 questions in multiple choice format.

The CeMAP 3 course has only one unit – Unit 7. Entitled ‘an assessment of mortgage advice and knowledge’, the final course ends with an exam lasting 120-minutes that includes six individual case studies, followed by 10 questions in multiple-choice style.

Why choose Beacon Financial Training for a CeMAP home study course?

Along with the points mentioned previously, you’ll find several other benefits and advantages to selecting Beacon for a CeMAP online or home study course, including:

  • Price – the price for our home study option is significantly less costly than our classroom-style course, by more than £300
  • Flexibility – providing you have internet facilities, you can study whenever and wherever is most convenient
  • Reinforcement – video lessons put you in control of your class by allowing you to pause, play, and rewind to repeat any topic you choose
  • Support – as standard, students benefit from dedicated support from our professional lead trainer
  • Time – individuals already employed but seeking a new career can learn in their spare time rather than booking holidays, and companies educating employees can allow them to learn outside of their regular work
  • Upgrade – a final benefit of CeMAP online courses is that if you decide you might learn better in a classroom environment, you can upgrade, paying only the price difference between classroom and home study costs.

All prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.


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