When teaching CeMAP training courses in areas as wide and far as London to Scotland or Manchester and Liverpool, you meet a number of people and one of the common points of discussion that tends to come up during the CeMAP course is their reasons for wanting to taking the CeMAP training.

There are typically ten delegates on any CeMAP training course and with that small number you might be forgiven for thinking they may have similar backgrounds but on almost every course the level of experience and academic background is different.

On one course, there were two people with no experience whatsoever in the financial services industry, an administrator for a mortgage advice company putting herself through the course for career advancement and one person straight out of university who wanted a career where he could earn decent money.

There are all sorts of reasons why people want to become a mortgage advisor, be it the flexibility, the hours or the income, but also other reasons why people want to pass their CeMAP exams. For example, some people don’t even have plans to become a full time mortgage advisor; on the same course, there was a property developer who simply wanted the CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) to know more about the mortgage industry and mortgages in general but still planned to use a mortgage advisor. Another lady, having been made redundant from her job in insurance, wanted to take her CeMAP exam to show she had initiative and the dedication to learn whilst she was searching for a job, and having the CeMAP qualification on her CV would certainly do her no harm in the insurance industry.

There are also those who have been made redundant and want a career where they can control their own destiny and those who have a family and want a job where they choose the hours they want to work.

Not all want to set up on their own as a mortgage advisor. Some have aspirations to work in a bank or building society so they can have a nine to five office job and others want to work on a self employed basis for a company that will provide them with qualified mortgage leads so they can have as many holidays as they want and choose their own hours.

The reasons mentioned here are only a few of those heard on our CeMAP training courses in places like Liverpool, Manchester, London and others but it just goes to show the benefits of having the CeMAP qualification are vast and different for everyone.

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