Not to be confused with Location, Location, Location, the other property buying show with Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsop, Relocation, Relocation features couples looking to buy not one, but two properties, usually in the UK. The notion of the show is that couples who have managed to profit from the housing market are able to sell their large house in the city and buy a much better property in the country, and still be able to afford a small flat in the city for their working week.

Typically when couples are looking for properties they’ll find that their budgets are unworkable because they don’t allocate enough funds for the country house that they want, in the area that they want. Often they’ll have to compromise on their choice of area or the size of the property in order to fit in with their budget.

This in turn often affects the budget they have for their town property, as they realise that convenience isn’t the only factor in deciding where to buy, the potential for rent and adding value is also important.

Programmes such as this, and Location, Location, Property Ladder and other shows have fuelled Britain’s love affair with property and the desire for many people to become investors in property. Despite the current financial crisis faced in the property market, investors still realise the security with investing in property and know that even though the market may be down at the moment, it will recover, as it always does.

Phil and Kirsty should be seeking out properties for buyers very soon.

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