When you’re revising for your CeMAP exam you need to make sure that you make the most of your revision time, as you have a lot to cover and can’t afford to leave anything out. Therefore you should try to avoid any unnecessary stress you may put yourself through by revising in plenty of time and avoiding any of that last minute cramming that many people put themselves through.

It’s also important when you’re revising to give yourself a mental break and enjoy yourself. Working solidly every available minute won’t help you to absorb the information you need, so have fun during your revision period. Plan a revision timetable and allow yourself time to go out, watch a film and wind down.

Just as important is to take regular short breaks. It’s difficult to maintain concentration for long periods so should go for a walk or take a thirty-minute break away from your study material. Refresh your mind ready to absorb more information.

One thing you should avoid while studying is caffeine; try to cut down on the tea and coffee, as it won’t help you to concentrate on your work. Cutting down on caffeine is important, but so is eating the right foods that provide sustenance to your brain. Be sure to eat food that will help you concentrate such as fruit, fish and nuts. Avoid sugary foods where possible.

Lastly, while you’re giving your mind a workout you should also give your body a workout. Hitting the gym or going for a swim will keep your mind focused and will reduce your stress levels.

Following these tips should help you with your revision for your CeMAP exam.

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