A recent poll showed that 81% of people in the UK decide which bank they will opt for based on their online experiences, which suggests mortgage advisors should make high-quality digital advice a priority. One tool that can be great for that is live chat, and there are several reasons for advisors to embrace it.

Round-the-clock advice

If you used an online CeMAP training company, you will know that an advantage of the digital world is the absence of nine-to-five rules. However, that means internet-savvy customers expect businesses to be accessible at all times. Setting up a live chat website feature means they can ask questions and get immediate responses that appear to be from you. This will help reel them in for more detailed, in-person advice.

Simplifying your work

This is a pressured period for mortgage advisors, with the housing market thriving and clients often having complex circumstances. This can leave you drowning in phone and email communications, whereas if you have live chat, it will identify the needs of each customer, take them through the early stages and store crucial data for the applications process. This will cut your workload.

Provide human support

People find the property purchase and mortgage search process nerve-wracking. Setting up a live chat with names and pictures of each chat agent will let them feel like they have a real person there to help them right from the beginning.

By using live chat and fostering a good relationship early on, you can encourage people them to stick with your company for the whole of their journey to securing a mortgage.

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