If you are about to take your CeMAP exams, you are, no doubt, looking for ways to enhance the chances of your passing and getting good marks, and we are here to help make that happen. It’s hard to know if you should cram until the very last minute, or give yourself a break before the all-important exam day.

It is a question of balance

The simple answer is that you should do a bit of both. You need to be in a relaxed frame of mind and be well rested to be able to do well in your exam.

Spending hours poring over your books the night before is definitely not going to allow you to do that. Your eyes will be sore, your shoulders and neck tight and the chances are that you will be aching as a result. Getting to sleep if you feel like this will not be easy, and you are not likely to feel much better on the day of your exam.

On the other hand, if you do not do any studying the night before the chances are you are going to end up feeling anxious. It is human nature to prepare for daunting tasks, so it is almost impossible to ignore that nagging voice telling you have missed something vital. Going to bed worrying that you have not done enough is also not going to result in a good night’s sleep.

Do a brief review

The best way to get over the jitters and put your mind to rest is to review the most important points. If you prefer, you can review those few points that you have found hard to grasp or that you know you regularly forget.

How long you put aside to do this is up to you. If you normally lose concentration after 45 minutes, studying for any longer is going to be counterproductive.

Now relax

Once you have done that do something to help you to relax. Read a book, watch the TV, take a bath or if it is early enough go for a run or to the gym. If you do exercise, be sure to stop at least an hour before you are due to go to bed, so you are relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Follow these principles and you will be fine.

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