Study CeMAP online and learn at your own pace

When you study CeMAP online you are able to learn at your own pace and gain your qualification thanks to some of the best trainers out there.

Choosing your CeMAP course

There are numerous websites offering you the chance to study CeMAP online so it can be a little confusing wondering who to choose. There are of course numerous things you may wish to take into account when choosing a CeMAP training company.

Considerations when choosing who to take your course with

The cost of the course – This may vary substantially so check that the website offering the training offers competitive prices.

You may also wish to check if the website offering the course provides a guarantee – Such a guarantee may consist of giving you a free course if you should happen to fail it the first time around.

How long the course is expected to take – It should be possible for you to be able to complete your course and pass in as little as one month from starting it.

Where are courses offered? – Check courses for where you live, websites should offer training for the whole of the UK. A few offer individuals the opportunity to study CeMAP online in Scotland based on the Scottish laws.

Check the credentials of any website offering CeMAP training online – Make sure that trainers have the training qualifications and are recognised trainers. They should be able to provide you with a registration number if asked.

Check the requirements – You may find that some websites offering training ask that you undertake so many hours of pre-study before taking their course. However you should be able to take a CeMAP course online whether or not you have any prior experience, and still be able to pass.

Why take the CeMAP course?

There is more call for trained mortgage advisers as the amount of financial products increases and, if you want to enter into this field, you need to have passed a training course. More people are looking to remortgage, for instance, following the credit crunch and certification is needed before you can join a financial institute as a specialist mortgage adviser.